accessibility versus browser support

we often make a serious mistake when setting priorities for the web-development tasks. We are saying "3% of our website visits are made using browser X. This doesn't sound like much, but we care about these users, so we will support this browser." Numbers could be different, that could be even 1%, but around 5% marker share will definitely get the browser into the "supported" list.

caring about these 3% of people is not a mistake. The mistake is forgetting about 10% of people suffering from the low accessibility of our websites. And that's even an optimistic estimate. According to a research by Microsoft "The Wide Range of Abilities and Its Impact on Computer Technology" 9% of computer users have a severe visual difficulty or impairment. And one in four overall has at least some visual difficulty.

now compare the amount of efforts you put into supporting a 5% browser X with how much work you do for 26% of visitors with visual impairments or for 24% of visitors with dexterity difficulties.

Artemy Tregubenko,

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