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Unlike some other companies LiveJournal doesn't provide a convenient interface to export the contents of your blog. But at least it gives you something: the export of blog posts by month and the separate export of comments by thousand. These are extremely boring to use, and we all know that automation takes way longer than a single manual run. But has that ever stopped anybody? ;)

Obeying the call of the irrational desire to keep my data close I wrote a script to export the contents and comments of LiveJournal blog. Besides HTML it outputs data in JSON and Markdown, so one can feed the exported data to the Pelican. It would process over 9000 files and generate a proper static website.

As a result the archive of my LiveJournal blog is now sitting beside my actual blog and even looks like it. The next question is what to do with the old account.

Artemy Tregubenko,
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