unlimited uniformity

I am often completely charmed by organised series of similar objects, forming patterns. Tree leaves, grating, ornaments, diffraction patterns, even the rows of mascara phials can almost hypnotise me. That's the peculiarity of my taste.

Though this is not limited to the aesthetics only, it's about the general way I perceive things. I try to create the same order and uniformity in my effects at home and in the programming code at work. Of course that results in weird and funny situations sometimes. Just recently I noticed one of them.

At some point I went through all my address books and contact lists in the smartphone, email, skype and so on, and showing no mercy renamed everyone as "full first name last name". In the end my address books don't include "mom", "dad", "sweetheart", "fatso", "boss" or "Bill from the gym". Everyone is listed by the full name. Order. Good.

Artemy Tregubenko,

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