my profession and me

Google's recommendations on the markup of personal pages advise to provide the profession of this person and where he or she lives. Such page will show up in search results looking like that: "John Doe, web-developer, Amsterdam", because Google considers these pieces the most important. That instantly surprised me. According to these recommendations the best description of myself is "Artemy Tregubenko, Javascript developer, Berlin". But this is so lopsided!

I have seen this article first about a year ago, and kept remembering it with a surprise. Wow, describing a person with a profession. There's obviously so much more to a person than that. Though I can't come up with a good description that fits in a few words. In few sentences maybe.

But then I recalled clichés about professions and my strong confidence weakened a bit. There are so many jokes about i.e. sofware developers, and they are somewhat grounded. And it works both ways: first the profession attracts people with certain minds, and then professional deformations come into play. So in many cases learning that the person is a web developer you actually learn more than just a profession.

And still so much is left out: most of the character, interests an hobbies, cultural level and so on. But you can't fit all of that into a short introduction. So maybe it doesn't make sense to try, and saying a name is enough? The rest will come up along the ride.

Artemy Tregubenko,

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