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Even though I am a long-time Linux user, today I have upgraded to Windows 10. But I am writing this entry from Linux.

The computer I have recently bought contained Windows 8. Unfortunately one cannot reject it when purchasing. Neither can one return the money for system that's not going to be used. Germany could look up to Russia in that regard ;) Well, I made a backup copy of the system and removed it from computer to install Linux.

But now Microsoft has released Windows 10, and the upgrade from the previous versions is free for one year only. However all the following upgrades will be free forever. So here's what I thought: in a few years I will likely give this computer to someone as a present. Chances are this person will not be too knowledgable about computers, and also will not pay for Windows 10. So the computer will remain with its current system, and soon will become a hotbed of viruses and botnets. The good way to avoid that is to give a computer with some system eligible for all the updates. And it's only now when I can get it for free.

So I did a copy of Linux drive, restored Windows 8 from the backup copy, upgraded it to Windows 10, made a backup copy of it, and copied Linux back. Hope this effort will not go to waste and in some years will make the world slightly better.

Artemy Tregubenko,
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