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A few day ago I have renewed my HTTPS certificates for 6 subdomains of my website and realized that I can’t wait anymore for Let’s Encrypt to leave beta stage. Resolutely I have picked from the list of clients the one which I liked the most, adjusted it to my needs and installed on my server. I hope that from now on it will work as flawlessly as it did during dry runs, and that certificates will be renewed automatically without my interference at all. The way it should have worked from the very start!

Logo of Let’s Encrypt

Until that day I have been using the free certificates by StartCom/StartSSL. For long years I have to sqeeze through the user interface made in nineties and issue certificates for each subdomain individually. Four domains, sixteen subdomains. And since most of them were created independently I had to renew their certificates individually. Even though a couple of months ago StartSSL has radically improved its user interface, it does not stand a second against the missing interface of Let’s Encrypt. Zero interface, but task is completed – an ideal system according to TRIZ/TIPS.

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