safer immutable backup

For years I have been using Dropbox as my backup solution to safeguard against sudden death of hard drive. Later on I started worrying about occasional deletion as well, but Dropbox has timely introduced the feature of restoring the files deleted in the last month. However with the emergence of cryptolocker viruses the task of backup solution has become more complicated. Now it has to withstand even the deliberate damage to files. Theoretically a virus can even close your Dropbox account, thus deleting your backup.

Now I have a good solution for that. A service called Wasabi offers online storage with the same API as AWS S3. It has an extra feature: you can configure the storage to be immutable and persist for a configurable time period even in the case you close the account. Companies use this for compliance purposes, but that feature suits me perfectly as well. There’s even a bonus: it is quite cheaper than Dropbox.

The software to encrypt a backup and upload it to S3 is abundant. I have picked Duplicati for myself. Every night it finds changed files, encrypts them and uploads this new version to Wasabi, where they are safe from dangers.

Artemy Tregubenko,

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