javascript libraries un-benchmark

сегодня обнаружил в рассылке прототайпа интересное письмо от John Resig:

I wanted to bring up one point: we at the jQuery project have had a long-standing policy of not releasing library speed comparison numbers. It looks like you're shooting for some performance optimizations here so you'll be forced to make a similar decision.

We've found that public multi-library comparisons just lead to needless bickering and frustration, especially when only one author controls the tests. Now private comparisons - or tests that've been mutually agreed upon - are absolutely fine. Competition is healthy and everyone benefits from the result.

I'd just like to ask that if any comparison tests are created that we be contacted and be given, at least, some lead time. We will be happy to do the same for you, should the situation ever arrise.

Happy hacking!

хороший, рассудительный подход. Действительно, мерянье чем-нибудь хорошо на коротких дистанциях, типа Acid3, но на длинных оно только разжигает ненужные флеймы.

кстати, команда прототайпа планирует множество оптимизаций. Можно посмотреть планы на 1.6.1, но для понимания неплохо бы знать внутренности библиотеки.

Артемий Трегубенко,

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